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How physician empathy influences patients

Sunday Edition • April 21, 2024 SUPPORTED BY Taking a cue from Mary’s famous four-legged friend, four little lambs have been going to school. This isn’t the setup to another nursery rhyme, though — it’s a real-life program in Pennsylvania that’s helping children build literacy skills. The brainchild of Laura Jacob, superintendent of a school district outside Pittsburgh, the initiative is based on research that suggests having animals as an audience aids in developing kids’ reading abilities....

2 days ago • 8 min read

This weekend’s once-in-a-lifetime comet

Daily Edition • April 20, 2024 SUPPORTED BY You’ve likely heard the phrase “gap year” used to describe students taking time to travel, volunteer, or relax before pursuing higher education or work. Less talked about is the growing trend of adults embarking on their own version of a gap year, also known as a mini-sabbatical. According to the Associated Press, more companies are offering these extended breaks as a way to counter employee burnout and exhaustion. If that has you feeling inspired,...

3 days ago • 8 min read

America’s “most underrated” national parks 🏞️

Daily Edition • April 19, 2024 SUPPORTED BY The health benefits of walking have been borne out by science — the activity can improve sleep quality, increase blood flow, and boost moods. While many people believe they need to take 10,000 steps a day to get those benefits, that specific figure didn’t originate in a study. It actually made it into the mainstream due to a Japanese clock company’s marketing campaign ahead of the Tokyo Olympics back in 1964. So how many steps a day should you aim...

4 days ago • 8 min read

How 4.5M gamers helped advance science

Daily Edition • April 18, 2024 SUPPORTED BY Sometimes we discover community in the most unlikely of places. Take Simon Dell for example, a man from South Yorkshire, England, who found solidarity while struggling with depression thanks to a mouse village he created in his garden. It began in 2018, when he built a miniature house for a wild mouse he’d spotted. Since then, the village has expanded to include tiny homes, a bookshop, pub, and activities for the 20 rodents that call it home. Dell...

5 days ago • 8 min read

Want to work in Italy for a year? 🇮🇹

Daily Edition • April 17, 2024 SUPPORTED BY We’re almost a month into spring, which means it’s a great time to open the windows, let fresh air in, and tackle your cleaning to-do list. But if a top-down deep clean isn’t in the cards for you right now, consider prioritizing these six tasks for a “stripped-down spring cleaning” from The Washington Post. And while you’re in the tidying up mindset, check out Nice News’ list of cleaning products that’ll get your home sparkling, stat. Must Reads In...

6 days ago • 8 min read

A simple way to relieve anger

Daily Edition • April 16, 2024 SUPPORTED BY Have you ever received a compliment that turned your day around? Or words of encouragement that felt like a big hug? Those kinds of emotional responses aren’t just anecdotal: Research shows affirmations can make a big impact on the recipient — and even give the giver a mood boost, too. “The compliment is one of these really powerful, small actions that brighten your day and brighten someone else’s day,” Xuan Zhao, a behavioral scientist at Stanford...

7 days ago • 8 min read

NASA’s new satellite delivers “stunning images”

Daily Edition • April 15, 2024 SUPPORTED BY Today’s the Boston Marathon! And Tax Day, but we personally think the former is a bit more exciting. In Massachusetts, the third Monday in April is known as Patriots’ Day in commemoration of the battles of Lexington and Concord. Many schools and workplaces are closed as a result, so people come out in droves to celebrate the iconic race. As it kicks off its 128th iteration, take a look back at some photos of Boston Marathon runners through the...

8 days ago • 8 min read
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